Letter from Mavis Batey
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Front: A note written in blue ink on white paper in English.Back: The letter continues. Includes a signature.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A letter written by Mavis Batey, one of the leading code breakers at Bletchley Park in World War II, and crucial to the success of D-Day. Along with Dilly Knox and Margaret Rock, she was instrumental in breaking the Enigma cipher used by the German secret service, the Abwehr. Bletchley Park was a mansion 50 miles northwest of London, and was the top secret wartime home of Government Communications Headquarters, or "Station X." Mrs. Batey's husband Keith Batey also worked at Bletchley.
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1945 - Present: Post-Holocaust Commemoration & Revitalization: Displaced Person Camps
Refugees and Emigration
Postwar Trials
Israel Statehood
Bletchley Park
Enigma Machine
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