The Chapdelaine Lineage: Moving to the United States

Introduction Everyone’s family history is made up of a mix of family decisions as well as economic incentives. For example, the people that one’s parents and grandparents decide to marry change the trajectory of the entire family. Economic changes also affect the trajectory greatly. From choosing one’s profession to choosing what country would be best […]

Comparing Class of 2021 to Class of 2020

Introduction The college application process is stressful. Any student knows that it will be overwhelming even in the best of cases.  On top of that, the many students that graduated high school in the past two years had another stressor that no one could have predicted: COVID-19. From missing out on their last year of […]

Chapdelaine – Comparing Inkle and Yarico Texts

Inkle and Yarico is a popular story that circulated across our culture from the late 18th century to well into the 19th century. It describes a colonialist, Inkle; someone who is being colonized (often portrayed as Native American), Yairco; and the love between them. Because it caught the attention of the general public, several new […]