Freedom in the Eyes of Poetry

I am not the most technologically savvy person; I’ll be the first to admit that. So when I was told I would be using some programming language to analyze a corpus of texts, I was initially very intimidated. Novel phrases like “Word Vector Analysis” and “RStudio” all went right over my head. Fortunately, as we […]

Presidential Speeches and Divisiveness

In this era of everything from the Women’s March[1] to calls to put up a border wall[2], the current political climate in the United States can be most accurately described as divisive. As a millennial myself, I cannot remember a time in political history that has been so full of conflicting opinions and debate. This […]

University Identities: Are they truly unique?

Introduction University Inc. I wish I could be clever enough to coin the term but, instead, it appeared in a 2015 article published by The New York Times[1].  In it, author Fredrik deBoer describes his experience as a graduate student at Purdue University. He comments on the multi million dollar renovations that have occurred around […]

Agencies of Power in Children’s Literature

Introduction To begin with, the assignment for this project was to conduct a textual analysis relating to a research question of our choice. In order to perform the textual analysis, we were asked to use the computer programming language Rstudio, to run our corpora and train our models for extensive analysis. Within Rstudio, we utilized […]

Consent and Marriage

Consent and Marriage A Woman’s Narrative In our current political and social climate the discussion of consent has become more relevant than it has been in the past. By looking at how consent has impacted the lives of women, we can pinpoint the ways in which we learn how to keep history from repeating itself. […]

Why Do the Red Sox Care More About the Yankees than the Yankees Do About the Red Sox, and What Is the Discourse Surrounding This Disparity?

Introduction As a New Yorker, being a student in Boston often means the compromise of many sports loyalties. Luckily I’m not a big enough sports fan to really mind, and after the World Series, I decided to join in on the fun and attend the Red Sox World Series Parade. I quickly noticed that all […]

What Kind of Memes are Created and Maintained in a Participatory Internet Subculture

The following content contains profanity and some sensitive topics. This post will contain references to internet culture that may be sensitive. This blog post serves to highlight how certain trends, known as “Memes,” are developed on the platform known as Reddit. Reddit is a social content website that allows people to create subcultures known as “Subreddits” that are […]