Remix Poems

Introduction The archival texts that will be examined today are titled City Defendants’ Motion Concerning Major Sports at Burke High School and Cape Verde, Post Report. Both texts relate to my life in distant and significant ways. Each gives insight into historical events that took place at the time. City Defendants’ Motion Concerning Major Sports […]

Remixing Immigration and Vietnam – Jonathan Pham

Introduction to the Chosen Articles My Connection to the Articles As a Vietnamese American in the midst of both the pandemic and a time where Asian-American hate is becoming more prevalent and known, I wanted to more concretely explore my ethnic identity, especially since the idea of being Asian American is such a new, developing […]

Remix Poem – Deion Smith

Introduction I based my search for my documents on the fact that my father’s family grew up in Attleboro and the Greater Boston area. I focused on race because my grandmother, who is half Korean, and half Nigerian and was adopted here to a family in the United States from Nigeria, has lived her entire […]

Remixing on Sexual Assault Awareness

Choosing Archival Documents Using Instagram, I found two accounts that tell different narratives about the school I currently attend: Northeastern University. Northeastern SpeakOut is an account where survivors of sexual violence at Northeastern can anonymously share their experiences. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Although this is not something I’ve personally experienced it is something that I’ve […]

Remixing Weston, Florida – Shawn Dermer

Weston I was born in Weston, Florida and lived there until I moved to Boston for college. In a lot of ways, Weston is the epitome of suburban America, with planned developments and landscaping throughout. As a hometown, Weston was great; I got to go to good schools, enjoy the stability provided from two parents […]

Remixing Witchcraft

Choosing the Archival Documents The two documents that I chose for this project were state records regarding witchcraft in the 1600s. They came from the Massachusetts State Archives as part of the Massachusetts Archives collection. The Massachusetts State Archives houses public records, or information that is recorded by public agencies (including federal and local governments). […]

Remixing on Immigration

Introduction of Texts For this project, I chose two texts from the late 1910’s and the 1920’s that relate to immigration from both sides of my family. The first text relates to Irish immigration. This text is titled Ireland’s work for America and Humanity; a plea for freedom and it is a transcribed lecture by […]