State of Washington [Civilian Exclusion Order No. 37], City of Seattle, southeast
Western Defense Command and Fourth Army: author
DeWitt, J.L, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army: author
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Broadside instructs Japanese American residents in City of Seattle, southeast, state of Washington, that they will be excluded from the area by May 9, 1942 and to prepare for evacuation by that date to a Civil Control Office in the area. Residents failing to comply with the Civil Exclusion Order would be subject to criminal penalties and immediately apprehended and interned. Also instructs "responsible family members" to report to the Civil Control Office on May 4 or May 5 for further instruction.
The War Relocation Authority (WRA), together with the Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA), the Civil Affairs Division (CAD) and the Office of the Commanding General (OFG) of the Western Defense Command (WDC) operated together to segregate and house some 110,000 men women and children from 1942 to 1945. The collection contains documents and photographs relating to the establishment and administrative workings of the (WDC), the (WRA) and the (WCCA) for the year 1942.
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Geographic Communities--Washington--Seattle
World War II--Administration--Western Defense Command
Race and racism--Discrimination
World War II--Mass removal ('Evacuation')--Preparation
World War II--Mass removal ('Evacuation')--Exclusion orders
World War II--Mass removal ('Evacuation')--'Evacuation Day
Immigration and citizenship--Law and legislation--Discriminatory laws
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