Women in Technology and Adversity (Supplementary video material)

Introduction to this Supplementary Archive

This archive is meant as supplementary material to the original archive here. The intention is that as you go along the main archive, when it is suggested that you take a look at a supplementary video for more context or information, that you come here and enjoy that video before moving on.

The reason this is separate from the original archive is because I did not want to mix media in one archive, and to make sure that each woman got the same amount of space and attention in the original archive.

These materials were selected to give a better visual representation of some of the challenges facing these women, or to give context on what their accomplishments are.

Jennifer Mankoff Make4All

One of our primary application domains is revolutionizing the production and delivery of 3D printed assistive technology

-Make4All main page

Farida Bedwei Interview with Obaasema

Bedwei talks about growing up with cerebral palsy, accomplishments, and challenges in her career.

Chieko Asakawa TED Talk 2015

Accessibility ignites innovation -Chieko Asakawa, 2015.

In this TED Talk from 2015 Chieko Asakawa talks about her independence and hopes for the future, as well as shows some of the latest technology allowing her to independently explore the world at 5:50-7:00.