Remixing Aleppo

Introduction For this project, I used a document that talks about Aleppo, Syria in the early nineteenth century, particularly the the Syrian textile industry. The specific reason why I chose this document specifically is discussed in the “Archival Search” section of this blog post, but the main reason why I focused on this document is […]

How is the Intensity of Language in Positive and Negative Movie Reviews Shaped Differently, especially in Different Movie Genres?

Introduction Soon after Film was introduced in the late nineteenth century, film critique emerged. The first papers to include film critique were The Optical Lantern and Cinematograph Journal, followed by the Bioscope in 1908. In the modern age, with all the technology that currently exists, a lot of the film critique is located on sites such […]

Inkle and Yarico Text Analysis – Mohamad El Nayal

What motive do authors—specifically authors of Inkle and Yarico retellings—have when including religion in their texts? When starting out with this assignment, I had no idea if I would get any useful results since the document I chose was only 1 page, consisting of around 222 words. When I started writing out my document, I […]