Men and Women Discuss Men and Women

Gender in Victorian Novels By Ciara McAloon   There is so much information that can be gleaned from novels; they provide insight into the cultural settings of their times. But analyzing a novel by reading and re-reading can only go so far. With word vector analysis, there is so much more room for analysis, because […]

Women in Wartime

Introduction I have always had an interest in World War II and all the different events that transpired during that critical time period. It fascinates me to study and read about stories of perseverance and hardship, and how that generation’s experiences shaped our mentality of war and patriotism today. However, one aspect of the war […]

Political Authority in Children’s Literature

What are word vectors? This semester I’ve been learning a lot about word vector models as a tool in analyzing large corpora of text. These models have recently become extremely popular in fields of computational linguistics and corpus analysis, as they can start predicting words that are used in similar contexts to others if they […]