Exploring Portrayals of Women in Film Through Dialogue

Introduction Movies are deeply indicative of culture and current attitudes, often shaping them and being shaped by them. They can be especially useful in parsing various societal structures or norms, either through criticism of these structures or active participation in them. Of course, a lot can be said through the visual aspects of film—lighting, blocking, […]

Western Existentialism and Its Relation to Christianity

Introduction Existentialism versus Christianity To provide a general overview, Existentialism is a field of philosophy made popular by European philosophers during the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s a school of thought that is often compared to a way of living, focusing on the individual actions and emotions of a person to bring meaning to their […]

How is the Intensity of Language in Positive and Negative Movie Reviews Shaped Differently, especially in Different Movie Genres?

Introduction Soon after Film was introduced in the late nineteenth century, film critique emerged. The first papers to include film critique were The Optical Lantern and Cinematograph Journal, followed by the Bioscope in 1908. In the modern age, with all the technology that currently exists, a lot of the film critique is located on sites such […]

Language Used In Fraudulent Emails

Ever get an email that is a little suspicious? Perhaps it is from an unknown sender, contains a file, or is just about a strange topic. Well, I have and I found the email in my Junk folder. I got to thinking how my email recognized the message as a spam and I suspect that […]

Implementation of Theme – Deion Smith

My Corpus My corpus consists of the top twenty most downloaded and viewed texts on Project Gutenburg from the last thirty days. The list consists of texts that would be considered classic literature. It holds the likes of Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice and others just as widely known. Training My Model As it pertains to […]

Harry Potter and the Imbalance of Gender

Introduction Overview It’s undoubtedly true that J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is a set of classic YA novels with characters that many readers look up to. Unfortunately, the popular books do not have a stellar reputation in terms of gender representation throughout the series. Not only are female characters vastly outnumbered by men, but the […]

Relationship Representation in TV Show Friends

Introduction Friends is a popular TV sitcom that aired from 1994 to 2004. It’s a show that even if you haven’t watched it yourself you’ve likely heard of it. Personally, this is a show that I have watched and rewatched many times without losing any of my fixation on it. However, I’ve come to realize […]